Wink Hartman Issues Statement on Supreme Court Funding Ruling

March 2, 2017

Wichita – Wink Hartman, businessman and Republican Candidate for Governor, issued the following statement regarding the Kansas Supreme Court’s ruling on Education Funding:

The Kansas Supreme Court’s decision in the Gannon Case – which determined that K-12 education is not being adequately funded, yet provided absolutely no clarity on a specific level of funding – accomplished nothing aside from adding additional cloudiness to an already uncertain situation.

For too many years – and, more specifically, the last few weeks – Topeka has consistently failed to deliver a steady and sustainable solution to the budget and education funding issues that have gripped Kansas. This has left Kansas families, schools and businesses with no stability and no clearly-defined path forward.

Simply put, if Topeka was a business – it would be out of business. Businesses that govern by crisis fail and Topeka is failing Kansas families, businesses and students daily with its inability to lead and create lasting solutions.

The fact that all sides of this issue can’t find common-ground is pathetic and underscores the need for new leadership and business common-sense in the Capital. Topeka is broken and needs to be fixed. If elected, that’s exactly what I’ll do.”