Wink Hartman Announces Statewide Jobs and Main Street Tour

July 11, 2017

Wichita, Kan.– Wink Hartman, businessman and Republican candidate for Governor, announced today that his campaign will kick off a four day, 12 stop tour across Kansas.

“It’s vital to the future of the state that the next Governor sits down and talks to Kansans about the issues that matter to them,” Hartman said. “This tour gives me the opportunity to hear Kansans concerns about jobs, the budget, healthcare, education, taxes, and other important issues. I’m looking forward to showing voters my vision to fix Topeka and how we will solve problems using business common sense.” 

The tour, which will begin in Wichita at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, July 11th, will reach every corner of the state- from Olathe to Colby and Garden City to Parsons. It will include public stops as well as private meetings with job creators, community leaders, and elected officials.

“Mr. Hartman is running an aggressive grassroots campaign that is capable of winning the nomination and the General Election,” spokesman Austin Gilpin said. “He knows how to fix Topeka, and he’s looking forward to making his case to Kansas voters. This tour is just one of many opportunities Kansans will get to hear from Mr. Hartman.”