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Hartman Joins March For Life Demonstration in Topeka
Monday, January 22, 2018

Topeka, Kansas — Candidate for Kansas governor, Wink Hartman, joined the March for Life in Topeka today, standing on the South Capitol steps with legislators and statewide elected officials. 

“I’ve been involved in the pro-life movement since David Gittrich pulled me aside and told me it isn’t enough just to be pro-life,” said Hartman. “He told me I needed to get involved and make a real difference. I’ve been active with Kansans for Life ever since, and I hope I’ve made the impact David was looking for.” 

David Gittrich was the development director of Kansans for Life before his death last year. He was honored at events in Wichita that Hartman attended. 

“David had a calling in life,” said Hartman. “He made so much positive change for the cause of life, and I’m here today to honor his commitment to life, and try to live up to the standard of service he set for all of us.”

Kansans for Life holds the annual March for Life event in Topeka, including a Catholic Mass and lunch before marching from the church on 8th Street to the South side of the Capitol near 10th Street. Students from schools across the state join in the March, as well as pro-life activists. 

“I’m so happy to see the young people involved in the movement,” said Hartman. “The depth of their knowledge of the issues and their deep commitment to life is almost overwhelming. I’m so proud of all of these students who came here to march today.”

Lacy Larsen


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