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Governor's Reckless Budget Jeopardizes KPERS
Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Topeka, Kansas -- Candidate for Kansas Governor, Republican Wink Hartman, attended the State of the State address Tuesday evening where Governor Brownback outlined $600 million in new K-12 school spending.

“This is another budget built on smoke and mirrors,” said Hartman. “The governor pulls money from our state retirement program -- dollars our children and grandchildren will have to repay with interest.”

The governor alluded to a five year plan that relies largely on growth to pay for his new spending, suggesting a tax hike is not part of the proposal.

“There isn’t a single efficiency, a single obsolete program ended,” said Hartman. “That’s an irresponsible waste of taxpayer dollars, while year-after-year asking for more and more.”

Hartman is very concerned the governor's plan will cost the state far more in the future as the state retirement plan, KPERS, is underfunded to free up money for new spending.

“In the business world we don’t attack employee compensation, we put our employees first,” said Hartman. “Any plan to increase spending needs to be matched with policy that improves outcomes for our kids.”

Hartman has proposed additional investment in career and technical education, along with restructuring the department of commerce to recruit job creators to Kansas.

“Our plan creates the growth and jobs we need,” said Hartman. “It’s time to bring leadership to the governor’s office, and put an end to the games that put the retirement of thousands of Kansans at risk.”

Lacy Larsen


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