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Finance Reports Show Hartman Ready to Battle for Republican Nomination
Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wichita, Kansas -- Campaign finance reports becoming available today show Republican Wink Hartman with a significant cash-on-hand advantage. Hartman reported $1.5 million available to run and win the Republican primary election.

“This election is about the people of Kansas finally getting leadership that serves them, not the special interests,” said Hartman. “I go into this race not owing anyone any favors, and when we win, I’ll answer to the voters, not the big donors.”

Hartman added $1.65 million in personal funds to run in the Republican primary free of the influence and corruption of special interests and dark money groups.

“I want to serve as governor because I love my state and the people who have been so good to me,” said Hartman. “When we win this race, we’ll bring conservative business solutions to the Statehouse, not a list of policies sold to the highest bidder.”

Hartman has made a name for himself as a conservative outsider fed up with career politicians. He has grown businesses from oil services to trucking to restaurants, and promises to bring a business approach to fixing the problems created by his opponents in this race.

“We can’t keep electing the same politicians who create these problems,” said Hartman. “It’s time to look to business leaders with a track record of success to find real solutions.”

Lacy Larsen


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