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Brownback Appointment Paves Way for Lame-Duck Governor
Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wichita, Kansas — The appointment of Sam Brownback today sets up his lieutenant, Jeff Colyer, to take over as a lame-duck until a new governor is elected in November.

“Colyer isn’t expected to be much different than Brownback, just more liberal,” said Hartman. “We’re going to see the same career politician tactics — big spending without a plan to pay for it.”

Brownback stated several times during budget preparations that Colyer was heavily involved in creating the unbalanced budget.  

“Colyer has already taken credit for a budget that doesn’t balance,” said Hartman. “It’s more of the same — withdrawals from the bank of KDOT, skipped KPERS payments, cuts to colleges, no rainy day fund, and an unconstitutional school finance plan.” 

The state budget is projected to be over half a billion dollars in the hole when the new governor takes over in 2019, without including a minimum of $600 million demanded by the court for schools.

“I’ve spent decades building successful businesses, balancing the books, creating efficient processes,” said Hartman. “Electing the same career politicians who created these problems, isn’t going to solve the problems.”

Lacy Larsen


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