Kansas children are our state’s most treasured resource. The most fundamental and solemn responsibility of our state government is to educate the next generation of Kansas leaders. Most importantly, we need to properly prepare the workforce of today for the jobs of tomorrow. There is perhaps no greater example of the dysfunction in state government than the issue of education funding. Families, teachers and students are constantly facing an uncertain future and that must change. If elected, I will work with parents, educators and legislative leaders to ensure that every Kansas student has the resources they need, the stability they desire and the education they deserve to sufficiently prepare them for the jobs of the 21st Century.



As a small-businessman, I understand the basic truth that you can’t spend more than you make. Simply put, if we don’t bring in enough revenue to cover our expenses, we go out of business. For too long, the Kansas Budget has been a political football that has not only led to drawn-out legislative Sessions – it has created enormous uncertainty and political gridlock. That has to change. If elected, I will work with legislative and business leaders throughout the state to create a balanced budget that meets the needs of government, provides stability to Kansas families and businesses and doesn’t spend a single taxpayer dollar more than necessary.


Life/Family Values

There is no state in America that has more consistently led the charge on protection of life than Kansas. I am a pro-life candidate and will be a pro-life Governor. If elected, I will promote, sign and defend Legislation that will protect life from conception to natural death.


Economic Growth

Kansas is home to some of the most talented and hard-working individuals in the country. From aviation to agriculture, Kansas has always been at the cutting edge of innovation. In recent years, dysfunction in Topeka has dampened that innovative spirit. Political gridlock has provided instability and an uncertain future to the small-businesses and farms that fuel the Kansas Economy. As a businessman – not a politician – I know what it takes to create jobs and grow companies. If elected, I will work every day to eliminate burdensome regulations, simplify the tax-code and promote pro-growth policies that make Kansas the best place in the country to do business.



I’m a businessman – not a politician. I have spent my entire career in the private sector building companies and creating jobs. I’ve learned what it takes to bring people of all backgrounds and viewpoints together to accomplish a common objective. If elected, I’ll bring leaders together from the Legislature and the business community to sit down, establish priorities and get things done. We need real leadership to build consensus and ‘Fix Topeka’ and that’s exactly what I’ll do.