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No one calls him “Willis,” and they haven’t for decades, though that’s his name. Willis “Wink” Hartman gave brief remarks during an Elephant Club luncheon in Leawood on Tuesday. He started by explaining how he got his nickname–from a nursery rhyme. “It’s the first thing everyone asks,” Hartman said. Read more:
Wichita – Wink Hartman, businessman and Republican Candidate for Governor, issued the following statement regarding the Kansas Legislature’s passage of the largest tax-hike in Kansas history: “I’m extremely disappointed by the Legislature’s decision to pass the largest tax increase in the history of Kansas and I’m encouraging the Governor to veto this misguided tax-hike. There is something fundamentally wrong with asking Kansas families to pick up the tab for Topeka’s spending problems. This plan would kill job-creation, raise taxes on Kansas families, farms and businesses and, most importantly, fail to address the underlying problem with Topeka – an inability to live within a budget. In 2015, the Kansas Legislature spent more than $2 million commissioning a study that identified more than $2 billion in cost-saving efficiencies. Like too much of the funds spent by our state government, that appears to be wasted money as the overwhelming majority of these recommendations were never implemented. As a businessman, I am faced with tough...READ MORE
Wink Hartman, a native Kansan and small-businessman, today announced the launch of his campaign for Governor. Hartman, a conservative Republican, will immediately begin campaigning for the nomination to be decided in the 2018 Republican Primary. “I’m a businessman – not a politician,” Hartman said. “As a businessman, I’ve watched the dysfunction in Topeka with increasing frustration. Instead of finding solutions, Topeka is causing problems. Instead of providing stability for Kansas families, farms and businesses, Topeka is creating uncertainty. Most importantly,...READ MORE

Training Our Next Generation

February 14, 2017

Kansas’ most important resource is the next generation. Our kids and grandkids deserve the same opportunities we have had. I fundamentally believe that we must train the students of today for the jobs of tomorrow. Through technical schools, K-12 and higher education, we will ensure that our children receive the education necessary to live the American Dream.